Fact is a news aggregator platform built on Web3 technology providing incentives and tools to prevent fake news & get reliable information
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Nowadays the publication of fake news and unverified big scoops has become beneficial for all sources of information, regardless of their types.
The mainstream media funded by government/large investors have huge resources, but they follow stakeholders` vision as a rule.
Alternative media have no access to large economic or administrative resources and are subject to censorship as well.
Influencers and bloggers strive for views (monetization) and often publish big fakes to attract new audience.


The information we consume on a daily basis creates our beliefs, attitudes, and actions. False and fictitious information leads to a violation of relations between people, accepted norms and rules in society, values and traditions. 
The main purpose of Fact is to become the main platform where millions of users can obtain reliable information about current situation in the world.

Primary features of Fact Platform